The Colorful Village of Jodipan, Malang

One of the best things the fortunates have done for the less fortunates.

Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan MalangThe Colorful Village or “Kampung Warna Warni” is located in Jodipan Village, Malang city, East Java. It was first started as an assignment for a group of university students at University Muhammadiyah in Malang. The students were on CSR mission to clean up after the village. Due to the situational condition of the village that was close to the river, the students started the assignment from cleaning out the river as it was the villagers’ everyday necessity. Heavily polluted, the river was finally cleaned and the villagers were educated about the harm of a polluted river if they kept on throwing trash away in there. Continue reading “The Colorful Village of Jodipan, Malang”

How Can You Travel So Much??Β 

The answer to your “Kok lo jalan-jalan mulu sih??” question.

Many people often asks me “how are you able to travel so much??” and knowing that I had not a stable job or career through out my post graduating life, they were left concern and wondering.

Sometimes I ask myself the same question. But all I ever know was that if i want something, i have to have it. I was born a stubborn kid, never have my parents stop reminding me of that because the habit continues til today. But i guess that stubborness comes at a price that i was able to gain lots of experience by it. Traveling experiences included.
So how was i able to travel so much even though it seems that i dont earn much? I dont have much money, may you know. My background is media and communication and it’s public knowledge that media industries lacks fortunes. But if it still left you wondering how and why I am able to travel much, you may consider these facts that I often planted in my head to experience life as much.

1. Do not be afraid to go broke

I’m sure you know that quote, “Travel is the only thing you pay that makes you richer”

I understand that money is everything for a lot of people. Money buys you food, insurance, clothing, safety and life in general. But my parents sure to remind me since I was a young girl, “you’re not gonna bring your wealth and money to your grave!” Statement that forever sticks to me. Now, I’m not saying that you should spend all the money you have to do whatever you want. You should still spend it wisely and prepare for the worst. Coming from family of religious Muslims means that we prioritize hereafter purposes more than worldly mortality. So more often than not, I spend my money wisely to gain worldly experiences that are beneficial for the hereafter. Beneficial meaning that through traveling and education, it gains me a proper view of being a better and purposeful human being which leads to inshaAllah a magnificent life in the hereafter.

In Islam we also have a belief that sadaqah (giving charity) will make you richer. Therefore you shall not be afraid to go broke, be positive knowing that with every penny you spend on experiences and charity, you’ll gain more and more.

2. Travel according to a suited budget

Now that you are generous enough to spend your money for your own life-gaining, note that my way of traveling still ranges on a suited budget. I don’t go around and splurge everything I have for the things I want. As a Libra, I balance out many decisions fairly. If I think I have the money to go on a dive trip, then I would spend an entire week or two just for that! However, when I do feel that I’ve used up my money on other things and still wanted a vacation, I will go to a nearer and cheaper destinations that does not require a plane ticket, like chilling in Bandung/Ciwidey or Mount Papandayan in Garut if I want to be showered by nature.

3. Consistent savings

This one maybe quite a useful trick. This tip will make me sound like financial advisor, and I’m sorry if it did, but I promise you this is only based on my personal experience. Save and make sure the amount you saved continues to be certain and stable.

After I graduated college, I was blessed with a good amount of savings from my university insurance deposit. I know not a lot of university opt this for their students, but you can always start saving from a certain amount at one time. For example, you saved Rp. 3.000.000 from your first salary or from your parents’ inheritance. Then you save some more and then you need to travel and spend a little bit of your savings. By the end of the next month (or by your own spesific deadline), you should promise yourself that that saving should be back at Rp. 3.000.000 or more but NEVER less.

This is useful because you will learn to manage your money and be aware of your spending. If you are lucky enough to have better income in the future, you could always set up a new savings goal that need to stay certain and stable.

4. Opportunist mindset

I considerably admit that I am an opportunist. I often kill two birds with one stone. “Menyelam minum air“, we call it in Indonesian. I often will find good opportunities to discover places while I’m at another purpose. Like slipping out few hours or days after a work event in another city to befriend and get to know it a little bit. Or even gush over their famous culinary!

You probably ask again, where do you find the time? Make it. Opportunist would say use your weekends wisely, use your right of annual leave wisely and that’s exactly what I would say. When my family and I lived in the US, we actually just stayed there for 8 months for Dad’s work opportunity. But believe it or not, we went to over 12 states in total because Dad made sure to use our weekends and Spring Break wisely to explore the country and learn something new about the place. And I believe that I take after his places-discovering habit until today.

5. Leave your comfort zone

Traveling comes with good and bad days, and once you’ve placed your mindset to being an opportunist, you should be able to try new things without consent to always having the best of times. When I took the cheapest flight but with the most ridiculous hours of transit, it was up to me to make sure I am comfortable enough to survive it. Even if that means getting kicked out twice for attempting to lounge/sleep at a restaurant. Most importantly to keep your brickwall face on! *Read: muka tembok.

6. Consider yourself lucky than most.

Last year I found a video on Facebook (link here) that made me think again about how grateful I am of my life despite having to always mentally complain in my head. The video is titled “10 Signs You’re Doing Well in Life (Even if you don’t feel like it)”. Some things like having a roof over your head and that you ate today are already signs that you are well and lucky.

Besides those 10 signs, I consider myself lucky that traveling was bred in my family. You know the stereotype of Padang/Sumatra people who were always nomadic (perantau)? I guess it feeds through my genes.

Wise message at Rumah Pohon, Tulamben

Think about other positive things that made you, you and stop comparing yourself to others. If you can’t travel today as much as I am, surely you have other things to be grateful for.

Nepal, The Unexpected Crush (Pt. 2)

Read my first lovestruck on Nepal here.

Today marked ONE YEAR from my trip to Nepal. And yes, I’m admitting guilty that I’ve postponed this post for too long! I recently found that more and more people are interested to go to this country. As I have written before, Nepal was so good to my friends and I, despite the huge contrasts with Indonesia. And if I had an unexpected huge crush on Nepal, I don’t see why you won’t!

I left the story riding down from the nature-filled hilly Nagarkot to the utmost crowded part of the city, Thamel.

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Aryaduta Weekend Brunch, A Weekend Done Right!

You know how Millenials today often go, “Hey, let’s go get brunch!” and you stand corrected confuse on where you should have that once in a month meal that is the popular culture in today’s society. Well, no need to think no further, because Aryaduta Hotel now offers a weekend brunch that’s suited to your delight!


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Learn About Your Body Before Traveling

The past years I’ve been diagnosed with all this crazy illness. From the stupid gastric problems to mutantly skin disease. I’m grateful though that I’m still lucky than most people with worst health conditions.


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Spot an Orang Utan and more in Tanjung Puting National Park

Recalled as one of the most famous Orang utan conservation and rehabilitation center in the world, Tanjung Puting National Park is another way to explore yet another mother nature’s greatest creation, the flora and fauna.

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7 New Hidden Spots in Belitung You Should Visit

7 Tempat Terbaru di Belitung

Belitung was not a foreign place for me, as it is my mother’s hometown and basically the place where she and my maternal family grew up in. My grandparents worked and lived there for years, before moving to Jakarta. My maternal family even speaks the dialect in their everyday life, so it was very easy to get to know this place through their stories and from relatives that visits our home in Jakarta. Negeri Laskar Pelangi or the Land of The Rainbow Troops has become tourist-famous ever since a movie came out in 2008. The movie, Laskar Pelangi that came to life by Indonesian movie geniuses Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza was based on a true tale book by Andrea Hirata. The movie began as an eye opener of how beautiful Belitung is, as part of the Bangka-Belitung Province, east coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. Continue reading “7 New Hidden Spots in Belitung You Should Visit”

Legok Kondang Glamping, The Ultimate Glamour Camping in Ciwidey

I don’t know when the trend started, but I’m guessing since Indonesia have been a lot more outspoken about their vast destinations, people started to follow the trend and wanted to be out in the wild and open. They don’t want to miss out on the beautiful sceneries the country has to offer. Including those who prefers suitcases instead of backpacks.

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Belanja dan Kuliner di Teras Cihampelas Bandung

Pada hari Minggu yang cukup terik, suasana jalan Cihampelas, Bandung kian ramai. Bukan sekedar memang pusat para penduduk lokal dan luar daerah menghabiskan waktu untuk jalan-jalan dan berbelanja, tapi hari itu jalan Cihampelas yang satu arah dan cukup panjang itu terasa lebih teduh. Ternyata jembatan layang di atas jalan tersebut sudah mulai hidup dan beroperasi.

Teras Cihampelas Bandung

Skywalk‘ itu disebut dengan nama Teras Cihampelas. Berdiri sekitar 10 meter dari permukaan aspal jalan (I didn’t really measure, actually), Teras Cihampelas itu menjulang tinggi dan jauuuh berkilo-kilo meter sepanjang Jalan Cihampelas (again, I wasn’t counting, but pretty sure Google Map knows its exact KM).

Teras Cihampelas Skywalk Bandun

So what is Teras Cihampelas? Orang-orang bilang itu adalah tempat para pedagang kaki lima/asongan yang sering diusir dari pinggir Jalan Cihampelas untuk kembali berjualan di tempat yang lebih rapi dan tidak mengganggu lalu lintas jalan. Jadi, the infamous walikota of Bandung, Bapak Ridwan Kamil (or Kang Emil biar SKSD) membuat jembatan layang tersebut demi mengakomodir mereka yang tetap ingin berjualan. Dan memberikan pengalaman baru untuk para pembeli yang dapat berjalan kaki sepanjang jembatan tersebut sambil menikmati rangkaian stand dan merasakan keindahan kota Bandung dari ketinggian. Amazing work done really. Especially setelah beliau juga berhasil membangun tempat rekreasi outdoor yang rapi dan nyaman di Alun-Alun Jl. Asia Afrika dan lapangan olahraga Gasibu di depan Gedung Sate. So, urban development-wise, he’s amazing!
Teras Cihampelas Bandung
Teras Cihampelas Bandung

So that Sunday afternoon, saya dan teman-teman menari saya yang sudah terhibur dan bahagia menjadi supporter teman kami yang mengikuti kompetisi tariΒ Inspyro MovesΒ pada hari sebelumnya, makin terhibur melihat keramaian di atas sana. Kami yang juga datang sambil menunggu keberangkatan shuttle kami untuk kembali ke Jakarta penasaran dan memang ingin membeli makanan untuk mengisi perut sebelum perjalanan. Setelah menaiki kira-kira 3 putaran tangga, we were exhausted but really impressed! Tempatnya begitu ramai dan betul, banyak pedagang! Misi kita di sana hanya satu: ingin makan. Dan lihat-lihat juga of course. We ended up strolling around -almost- end to end. Kita tidak berhasil mengeksplor dari ujung ke ujung karena shuttle kita pulang untuk jam 11 dan kita hanya memiliki waktu sekitar 45 menit untuk menikmati Teras Cihampelas.

Teras Cihampelas Bandung

Yang menarik dari tempat ini adalah fasilitas umumnya yang sangat baik. Contoh, ada beberapa Musholla atau tempat sholat kecil yang dilengkapi dengan tempat berwudhu di beberapa sudut jembatan. Tidak lupa juga adanya toilet yang hampir selalu ada di setiap ujung. Pada beberapa stand kuliner juga terlihat tempat duduk berinovasi yang terbuat dari semen/beton. Tersedia juga wastafel untuk mencuci tangan apabila kamu memutuskan untuk makan makanan yang lumayan heboh. Teras Cihampelas juga sangat disabled-friendly! Atau sangat nyaman untuk kaum difabel dan penyandang cacat. Adanya lift disetiap ujung jembatan, dan ramp sangat membantu untuk yang membutuhkan.

Teras Cihampelas Bandung
Musholla mini di tengah-tengah jembatan

Penempatan letak di Teras Cihampelas Skywalk juga sangat rapi teratur. Misalnya, dibagian tengah adalah khusus pedagang kuliner. Rangkaian makanan khas Bandung dan Jawa Barat bisa kamu dapatkan di sini. Batagor, tape uli, ketan bakar bahkan keripik-keripik setan/basreng yang super pedas durhaka itupun dijual di sini. Lalu di bagian pinggir adalah penjual pernak-pernik dan oleh-oleh seperti kaos, kalung, gelang, dsb. Teras Cihampelas dilengkapi dengan papan-papan directory atau penunjuk jalan agar kamu bisa mengetahui letak kamu berada. Beberapa warning signs juga dibuat lucu khas Ridwan Kamil seperti papan peringatan “Dilarang membuang sampah sembarangan” yang dibuat humoris dengan mengungkit issue ke-baper-an manusia muda saat ini.

Teras Cihampelas Bandung
Papan pemberitahuan unik

Overall, Teras Cihampelas ini sangat menarik perhatian para wisatawan lokal dan juga luar daerah. Selain dibuat dalam desain modern, penuh warna dan artistik, skywalk ini juga teduh di beberapa tempat, thanks to overgrown trees di pinggiran jalan tersebut yang dapat memberikan bayangan. Namun, apabila matahari sedang terik atau sedang hujan, tempat ini juga bisa sedikit meresahkan.

Oh, do try some of the Batagor there, dan bertemulah dengan para pedagang-pedagang yang sangat baik hati ❀

Totally recommended place to enjoy a nice weekend out in Bandung.