The Way to Find Peace

I am blessed. Truly blessed to even have this experience happen to me for the second time of my life.


What have changed from the 10 year old 6th grader to a 22 year old employee was maturity, self-notice and passion. I was blessed to be able to went on an umrah when I was younger. 10 years old to be precise. Back then even I had a wonderful time and really missed it when I left. However this time when I went, the feeling was unbelievably different. It was as if I was called upon to be there. And of course it’s true what people said about “Allah picks His choices who to come to Baitullah. His home.” With more maturity, self-notice and passion, I was able to greet myself closer to God. Over the years of contemplating, it was the perfect timing to “cleanse”.

My best and only companion in the trip

My most lit-up New Years ever: praying


Never had I felt more closer to God and perfect my relationship with Him than when I was there. Imagine what truly felt like living when all you do was pray, ask for forgiveness, eat and sleep. Do that in repeat and what you find was one thing: PEACE.

That feeling after a long hot shower where you felt clean. Untouched. Relieved. Those were the feeling of peace that I found during Umrah. Only, it was 100 times better. Subhanallah, alhamdulillah

Never once there I stopped praising God and thanking and being grateful. He helped me reach points I never knew I could. Better relationship with my family, made me notice my wants and needs, as well as helping me achieving my ways.

I thanked Allah SWT for all of it. The chance to go there again, and to finally realize even more that He listens. He is powerful and forgiving, and I am thankful to be able to go back to Him for basically anything at all 🙂 Alhamdulillah

Not forgetting all of those fancy Middle Eastern foods


Madinah at dusk


Mekkah at Dusk



The great Tower Clock of Mecca




Mekkah-Madinah, 25 December 2013- 5 January 2014.


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