Passionpreneur 101: How It Works and What I learned

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Conficius

I’m sure you’re familiar with that quote. As a millenial I must admit that working day to day in the office is hardly a passion for many. I’ve worked in a total of four companies. All happened to disappoint. Not because of anything bad, thankfully I always manage to find positivity in everything. So all of my experience in the office is always great. I found networks, ideas, strategies, and obviously got paid enough to live my daily life.  Continue reading “Passionpreneur 101: How It Works and What I learned”


#JFW2017 Interview: Schmiley Mo’s Diana Rikasari

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Starting off as an ordinary blogger from Indonesia, Diana Rikasari blossomed into someone extraordinary — she started trending online with her love for quirky and playful fashion, a genre that was acceptable and suitable for anyone with confidence! But being unable to detach herself from colours and fashion, Diana decided to go bigger with an entrepreneurial life. This year, Schmiley Mo was born and not only did it add new twists to everyday fashion, it also made its first debut in Jakarta Fashion Week 2017!

FV: What’s Schmiley Mo (SM) all about?

Schmiley Mo is a daily-wear line that offers basic clothing packaged in a fun way. They are meant to be loose and comfy – even layered – to make one’s day not-so-ordinary.

FV: What was your inspiration for this collection?

Daisy Pills was inspired by my love for all things tropical, bohemian and chic, so I tried to combine all three elements into something that one could wear comfortably on a daily basis.

FV: What should people feel when wearing the collection?

I think Schmiley Mo is wearable-quirky — it is fun but not over the top.

FV: Are patches and fun stickers your signature for SM?

I’ve always had major love for them, and it is slowly becoming embedded in Schmiley Mo’s DNA. The fact that the sticker trend is still growing clearly shows that one should not miss out on something like this.

FV: Which is the must-have accessory to look chic and cool?

I would go with pearl earrings and a thin ribbon or scarf to wrap around the neck. I’m falling in love with anklets, too!



As seen on Indonesia

September 2015

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