Jangan Lewatkan Destinasi Berikut Kalau ke India!

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India, negara dengan jumlah populasi terbanyak ke dua di seluruh dunia adalah salah satu destinasi yang tidak boleh kamu lewatkan. Setidaknya sekali seumur hidupmu, kamu perlu bertamu ke negara yang memiliki Taj Mahal ini. Continue reading “Jangan Lewatkan Destinasi Berikut Kalau ke India!”


6 Reasons Why New Zealand Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

New Zealand is a dream destination many of us should have a chance in a lifetime to go. And these are the reason why you should put New Zealand in a pin point: Continue reading “6 Reasons Why New Zealand Should Be Your Next Travel Destination”

Dreaming of New Zealand


This might be the first travel post where I actually never been to the place but excited to write about! New Zealand– the land of the Kiwis, where sheep is more populous than human (they say) and the land of gut-wrenching adventures is one of the places in the entire world I’ve always dreamed about going.

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#JFW2017 Interview: Schmiley Mo’s Diana Rikasari

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Starting off as an ordinary blogger from Indonesia, Diana Rikasari blossomed into someone extraordinary — she started trending online with her love for quirky and playful fashion, a genre that was acceptable and suitable for anyone with confidence! But being unable to detach herself from colours and fashion, Diana decided to go bigger with an entrepreneurial life. This year, Schmiley Mo was born and not only did it add new twists to everyday fashion, it also made its first debut in Jakarta Fashion Week 2017!

FV: What’s Schmiley Mo (SM) all about?

Schmiley Mo is a daily-wear line that offers basic clothing packaged in a fun way. They are meant to be loose and comfy – even layered – to make one’s day not-so-ordinary.

FV: What was your inspiration for this collection?

Daisy Pills was inspired by my love for all things tropical, bohemian and chic, so I tried to combine all three elements into something that one could wear comfortably on a daily basis.

FV: What should people feel when wearing the collection?

I think Schmiley Mo is wearable-quirky — it is fun but not over the top.

FV: Are patches and fun stickers your signature for SM?

I’ve always had major love for them, and it is slowly becoming embedded in Schmiley Mo’s DNA. The fact that the sticker trend is still growing clearly shows that one should not miss out on something like this.

FV: Which is the must-have accessory to look chic and cool?

I would go with pearl earrings and a thin ribbon or scarf to wrap around the neck. I’m falling in love with anklets, too!


Songkran Is More Fun With Water Guns, Foam, And Angels

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Songkran is one of Thailand’s best-known festivals, popular for it’s the one time in the year when you can douse perfect strangers in water and come away as friends. It’s considered a form of respect to the Lord Buddha and symbolises being refreshed or cleansed. Continue reading “Songkran Is More Fun With Water Guns, Foam, And Angels”


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April 2016

Jakarta memang dipenuhi gedung-gedung tinggi yang indah. Lebih seru lagi apabila Anda dapat menikmati keindahan panorama skyline Jakarta diatas gedung tinggi sambil menikmati minuman atau makanan yang enak. Wait, Anda pasti sudah membayangkan beberapa rooftop bar yang dapat Anda kunjungi tapi takut ‘merogoh kocek’ terlalu dalam. Tenang, di enam rooftop bar ini, Anda tidak perlu takut ‘kantong jebol’ karena biaya pengeluaran yang terlalu mahal. Di beberapa tempat ini Anda dapat menikmati minum, makan, dan pemandangan indah dengan harga terjangkau: Continue reading “6 ROOFTOP BAR DI JAKARTA YANG TIDAK AKAN BUAT ‘KANTONG JEBOL’”


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December 2015

Nusa Ceningan adalah sebuah pulau kecil di bagian timur Bali yang belum tersentuh banyak oleh keramaian. Who knows, ternyata disana terletak sebuah private beach club yang super chic dan nyaman! Continue reading “LE PIRATE BEACH CLUB, CASUAL TROPICAL GETAWAY DI TIMUR BALI”


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September 2015

Aktris Indonesia yang dikenal dalam group musik Bukan Bintang Biasa (BBB) ini punya berbagai macam hal lain yang dia cintai selain akting dan menyanyi. What are they? Continue reading “AYUSHITA: DARI FILM THAILAND DAN KAKAK YANG MENGINSPIRASI”