Are you a Multipotentialite Human?

While we are still fresh in the new year, I would still very much talk about how maybe you can improve yourself this year.

Sometime last year at the drop point of my life, I come across a TedX Talk by Emilie Wapnick. In all honesty, I haven’t really googled her before writing this blog. Haha. But her speech in the video made me 100x more better and self-accepting, knowing that “Why some of us don’t have one true calling.” (That was the title of her talk).


Multipotentialite, she calls it. And what is it? Why do I love that word so much that I even placed it as my Instagram bio for some time? As Emilie mentioned, multipotentialite is for people who doesn’t have one specific talent or skills, but they’ve acquired so much more. Continue reading “Are you a Multipotentialite Human?”


What La La Land Can Teach You About Imperfect Love and Dreams

The recently most talked about movie and the one that’s been snatching almost all the Golden Globes Awards, La La Land have been keeping me all gooey jolly inside. Even from the first moment the movie started—you know, where they were all singing and dancing during traffic, yeah, I wanted to be part of it right away! (perfect for Jakarta’s traffic anyway). Basically since the few seconds of the film, it left me smiling ear to ear.  Continue reading “What La La Land Can Teach You About Imperfect Love and Dreams”