The Colorful Village of Jodipan, Malang

One of the best things the fortunates have done for the less fortunates.

Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan MalangThe Colorful Village or “Kampung Warna Warni” is located in Jodipan Village, Malang city, East Java. It was first started as an assignment for a group of university students at University Muhammadiyah in Malang. The students were on CSR mission to clean up after the village. Due to the situational condition of the village that was close to the river, the students started the assignment from cleaning out the river as it was the villagers’ everyday necessity. Heavily polluted, the river was finally cleaned and the villagers were educated about the harm of a polluted river if they kept on throwing trash away in there. Continue reading “The Colorful Village of Jodipan, Malang”


Menjangan, Ijen Craters, Baluran

24 – 26 October 2014 marks the latest, quickest yet the most stretched backpacking trip to East Java I’ve done. Stretched and quick because in only 2 nights, I can be in several places enjoying the view and the physical challenges faced. We didn’t even have a proper place to sleep. We relied on the transportations to comfort us sleeping.

Here was the route: Continue reading “Menjangan, Ijen Craters, Baluran”