Passionpreneur 101: How It Works and What I learned

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Conficius

I’m sure you’re familiar with that quote. As a millenial I must admit that working day to day in the office is hardly a passion for many. I’ve worked in a total of four companies. All happened to disappoint. Not because of anything bad, thankfully I always manage to find positivity in everything. So all of my experience in the office is always great. I found networks, ideas, strategies, and obviously got paid enough to live my daily life.  Continue reading “Passionpreneur 101: How It Works and What I learned”


What La La Land Can Teach You About Imperfect Love and Dreams

The recently most talked about movie and the one that’s been snatching almost all the Golden Globes Awards, La La Land have been keeping me all gooey jolly inside. Even from the first moment the movie started—you know, where they were all singing and dancing during traffic, yeah, I wanted to be part of it right away! (perfect for Jakarta’s traffic anyway). Basically since the few seconds of the film, it left me smiling ear to ear.  Continue reading “What La La Land Can Teach You About Imperfect Love and Dreams”

5 Ways to Celebrate 2017 with a Bang!

Looking back at how the end of 2016 pretty much screws me over, the first few weeks of 2017 was still a tad bit disappointing. I wasn’t about to bore you with my depressing stories, however. As I found a way to help the process of self-healing (yes, process), I believe these are some ways to celebrate 2017 with a bang! Continue reading “5 Ways to Celebrate 2017 with a Bang!”

11 Reasons You Should Date a Dancer-Traveler

A reblogged post from 2015 🙂

1. Challenge is her middle name.

She lives selfishly and full on ego. She strives for different challenges whenever shes out of the comfort zone of her home or rather take on learning tough dance steps. Continue reading “11 Reasons You Should Date a Dancer-Traveler”