5 Kafe Jakarta dengan Musholla Ternyaman

So I’ve officially become a #digitalnomad for almost 6 months now. Dengan ‘kebebasan’ yang bisa saya atur sendiri, pekerjaan dapat mudah saja saya kerjakan dari mana saja. Mau itu di rumah, kafe atau di mobil, selama saya membawa “hidup” (baca: laptop) saya kemana-mana, saya bisa saja melakukan pekerjaan saya.

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London Eye is Now in Jakarta!

Okay, okay, so the title might be too promising, but I am certainly not kidding about how amazing it was to be lift up in a huge Ferris Wheel looking out at the vast land of Jakarta. Though I never been to London Eye myself, but I’m sure this is how it would feel ❤

J-Sky Ferris Wheel is the name! It is located at AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City, Cakung, East Jakarta. At the top level of the mall, it stood largely at 69 meters above the ground and 50 meters in diameters. Since its opening on September 2017, J-Sky Ferris Wheel has been recorded as the tallest ferris wheel in Indonesia by MURI Indonesian Museum of World Records!

This amusement ride has become a popular site to visit among the people of the greater Jakarta region. Not to mention that this newly established area (Jakarta Garden City) is still very wide with greens, easily accessible and location-wise, quite strategic. With the hopes of combining crowds from Jabodetabek area and other regions in Indonesia, J-Sky Ferris Wheel and AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City will become the hottest public attraction in Jakarta.

J-Sky Ferris Wheel has 32 pink gondolas ready to carry up to 6 people in one round (about 15 minutes). However if you plan to go on a date with your loved one on a couple sky adventure, you can pay extra for more rounds and some gondolas opt with a romantic table settings!

J-Sky Ferries Wheel gondolas are equipped with its own air conditioning and offers a beautiful view of Jakarta. The facility is open up to 10 pm at night, so you can definitely experience the night time view from above. Other than J-Sky Ferris Wheel, AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City is also facilitated with kids playground, great for sushi and Japanese restaurant-hopping, as well as an ice skating rink! Definitely a one stop destination for all amusement activities for you, your friends and family!

J-Sky Ferris Wheel Ticket Price:
Single – Rp. 50.000
Couple – Rp. 160.000
VIP – Rp. 350.000

KLTR Coffee Roaster, Your New Hang out Place in Jakarta

If you ever feel bored of your regular coffee shop that you’ve been to many times, maybe it’s time to make a change.


The latest cafe in town, KLTR Coffee Roaster has emerged, joining thousands of coffee shops in Jakarta. But here’s a special twist. Their coffee shop addressed to the widest and humblest customers in the middle of the bustling Jakarta CBD. Located at the ground floor of Apartment Pavillion Retail Arcade (next to Sudirman Citywalk to ease you), KLTR coffee has me stunned for their delicious meals and drinks!

KLTR Coffee Roaster

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Passionpreneur 101: How It Works and What I learned

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Conficius

I’m sure you’re familiar with that quote. As a millenial I must admit that working day to day in the office is hardly a passion for many. I’ve worked in a total of four companies. All happened to disappoint. Not because of anything bad, thankfully I always manage to find positivity in everything. So all of my experience in the office is always great. I found networks, ideas, strategies, and obviously got paid enough to live my daily life.  Continue reading “Passionpreneur 101: How It Works and What I learned”

6 Most Beautiful Aerial View Ever


What’s traveling on a plane if you don’t sit by the window? Well, I guess if you’re not a fan of heights, you’d pass. But I’m here to tell you how very unlucky of you to be missing out the world’s greatest sights! Window seat is always my favorite spot when I travel by plane. Sure, it’s difficult to cross over other passengers when you need to go to the toilet, but watching the plane slowly drift off, finally fly, making turns and revealing what’s underneath tens of thousands of feet above, it’s a whole different kind of breathtaking thing.

Here I want to show a few of the best aerial view (view from the airplane window – Duh!), that I’ve ever witness. And I do sometime regret that I don’t always carry a camera or let my phone on (stays in airplane mode though!) to be able to capture the best aerial moments, but I hope some of these images does justice. One other trick to witness one of the best aerial views? Midnight to early AM flights. Sunrise is such a tease when you’re on an airplane. Continue reading “6 Most Beautiful Aerial View Ever”


As seen on Style.com Indonesia

April 2016

Jakarta memang dipenuhi gedung-gedung tinggi yang indah. Lebih seru lagi apabila Anda dapat menikmati keindahan panorama skyline Jakarta diatas gedung tinggi sambil menikmati minuman atau makanan yang enak. Wait, Anda pasti sudah membayangkan beberapa rooftop bar yang dapat Anda kunjungi tapi takut ‘merogoh kocek’ terlalu dalam. Tenang, di enam rooftop bar ini, Anda tidak perlu takut ‘kantong jebol’ karena biaya pengeluaran yang terlalu mahal. Di beberapa tempat ini Anda dapat menikmati minum, makan, dan pemandangan indah dengan harga terjangkau: Continue reading “6 ROOFTOP BAR DI JAKARTA YANG TIDAK AKAN BUAT ‘KANTONG JEBOL’”