Nepal, The Unexpected Crush (Pt. 2)

Read my first lovestruck on Nepal here.

Today marked ONE YEAR from my trip to Nepal. And yes, I’m admitting guilty that I’ve postponed this post for too long! I recently found that more and more people are interested to go to this country. As I have written before, Nepal was so good to my friends and I, despite the huge contrasts with Indonesia. And if I had an unexpected huge crush on Nepal, I don’t see why you won’t!

I left the story riding down from the nature-filled hilly Nagarkot to the utmost crowded part of the city, Thamel.

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Nepal, The Unexpected Crush (Pt. 1)

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Nepal, 3 – 6 September 2016

At Tribhuvan International Airport

Earlier this year, I made a super random trip plan to the most unexpected place anyone (well, Indonesians, really) would ever go. NEPAL.

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