#FidaTravels 360

From 2010 to 2014 I found myself turning the camera 360 degrees with my face in it during my travels. Well if it’s not inspired by this guy, I wouldn’t have made it. This is only a few of the trips I did over the 4 years course of traveling. Will definitely update it all the time. Enjoy.


Cultural Wanderlust

I’m never good about describing myself. So, what better ways to have an introduction than a story about my self, my experiences and my desire to see the world written by one of my most talented friend, Samantha Lau. She wrote this story for one of her university assignments and i patted her back when she scored amazing on this piece.


Cultural Wonderlust

A young Indonesian woman’s journey from Jakarta, to Kuala Lumpur and to Adelaide. 

A young woman brushes away a tendril of her black hair from her smiling face, causing the many Indonesian-carved wooden bangles to clunk together melodically. The sudden DING! of an oven timer snatches her attention and she hurries over to check on the cookies she had baked for Idul Fitri, the Muslim holiday that signals the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fastingAs the delicious smell of nastar (traditional Indonesian pineapple tarts) wafts across the room, the woman, Andita Frida Aisha, resumes her seat. She is wearing a classic white kaftan, a type of traditional clothing worn by Indonesian women during the Muslim festival. The intricate gold embroidery that embellishes the kaftan’s neck, cuffs and hem catches in the sunlight.

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